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Age: 34

Location: Metro Detroit


A little about me. Im a survival game enthusiast. I got hit by a car when I was 10 and because I was holed up in the house for a long time my parents decided to get me a computer. I started gaming in DOS with games such as Myst and Tony LaRussa Baseball 2. I was soon hooked on PC gaming and eventually Windows 3.1 came out and other great games such as Phantasmagoria and Theme Hospital. After high school I went to the US Navy and spent 4 years touring the world. In 2006 I got back into PC gaming and never looked back since. I found a lot of these games have horrible admins or the server is not set up the way I'd like to play so I decided to start purchasing servers for the games I enjoy playing. I've been admin'ing servers for about 2 years now. Thats a small sample of my back story and gaming. I hope it helps pursuade you in joining the server and lets see what kind of community we can create together. 

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