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Rust Server Full Wipe Inbound

October 4, 2018

Please join us tonight around 5pm EST when we fully wipe the Rust In Peace server.

The Arena and Welcome Center will be constructed tonight and should be operational so you can get out there and earn that money right away!

Server will come down around 445pm EST for updating and should be back up around 5pm EST

If there is an early update I will more than likely take the server down early and notify when back up.

Please visit the Game Server section for an image of the map to plan out ahead of time.


Thanks to everyone for the continued support. I hope to see a higher population this cycle.

Below are the notes for the update.




Armor slots and gloves

We have a seventh slot! After a few years of player requests and recurring Reddit threads the devs have added a seventh item slot for clothing and armor. Additionally we are seeing three new types of gloves including the tactical non-craftable gloves that greatly decrease sway with a scope.



Burlap gloves

BP: Default
Crafting: 5 cloth
Time: 30 seconds



Roadsign gloves

BP: 20 scrap
Crafting: 20 leather, 1 roadsign, 2 sewing kits, tier 2 workbench
Time: 30 seconds



Tactical gloves

BP: Item can only be found
Crafting: Cannot be crafted
Time: Cannot be crafted.



Cargo Ship

A new server event is coming in this week. The long awaited cargo ship will soon be patrolling the shores of Rust island. This floating PVP arena is loaded with several elite crates and two countdown locked cargo crates similar to the chinook drop.




L96 rifle

After a tease last month and a lot of commits over the last few weeks we finally get to see the new L96 military-grade rifle. As non-craftable this item can only be found in event drops like the helicopter, at the moment the odds of getting one are quite rare. This beast has virtually no bullet drop and can level enemies or a foraging deer in short order. Can be recycled for 20 HQM, 3 pipes, 3 springs, and a moderate chance for rifle body.






8x scope

Along with the new L96 rifle we are getting a much more powerful scope for long distance shots. It’s quite effective at certain ranges but it’s currently able to zoom in without the game changing the render distance accordingly. This scope cannot be crafted.