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10-05 Rust In Peace Pre-Wipe Hype

October 4, 2017

Should hopefully be a big wipe for Rust with the re-introduction of blueprint system and workbenches. I havent been this excited for a wipe in a while. Here are your server details for the wipe


• Map Size 3.5k -> 3.8k

• New Plugin (I will create multiple spawn points on the map. Max 2 cars will spawn in. Cars can carry up to     4 people. Cars require low grade fuel to run. Cars have 36 slot inventory. Cars take damage. Cars are             persistent thru restart so make a garage

• Event Arena will be constructed by Saturday evening and events will be running. I'm considering adding       a  reward system as long as I can make sure it doesnt get abused. 

•Giveaway this week is raffle style found on the giveaways tab of the webpage. Giveaway is @9pm EST on      Twitch

• Mass Air Drop immediately following the giveaway.