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Miscreated Server Updated

July 29, 2016

The Miscreated server was updated this morning with the new released patch #37


Update #37 - 07/29/2016

Carrying Objects

We have added support for being able to carry objects in your hands (pick them up with no weapon equipped). Right now the only thing you can carry are animals, but more items/features will be added in future updates.

Animal System

The first iteration of our new animal system is included in this update. It is a very lightweight, networked system for simple animals in the game (non-aggressive)

  • Roosters and pigs are currently spawning in game - more animals will be added in future updates

  • Animals may be killed and harvested/looted

  • With your hands empty, you may pick up animals and carry them around

  • When dropped they will stay in the general area where they were dropped at

  • If you drop them in your base's radius they will persist through a server restart



  • General performance improvements

  • Improvements to manage items in tents and crates

  • Fix for running out of network IDs

  • Reduce memory footprint per player

  • Server will only start if its data can be loaded from the database (should fix missing bases issue)

  • Fixed players not properly becoming non-relevant to other players



  • Shader cache regenerated with latest data - should help reduce stutters/freezing

  • Spawned items from tents/vehicles/AI corpses should be restored when logging back in (would disappear before)

  • Volumetric fog is disabled, but normal fog still exists

  • Maximum view distance now varies based on spec (from 1km to 4km) - Object Detail video setting

  • Default spec is now Medium instead of High

  • Texture resolution now varies per spec

  • Disabled silhouette POM

  • Player corpse not being visible issue should be fixed



  • Removed some static items from the world that are now spawned and usable to reduce confusion (tents, etc.)

  • Ambient sounds areas improved with correct setup and recommendations from Crytek

  • New variations of three story buildings added

  • Rooster and pig spawn points added

  • Sedan spawn points added



  • Mutants now have an increased chance to have loot and can have more than one item

  • Brute mutant added - stronger and tougher than other mutants



  • Changes to confirmation window title

  • Timers no longer reset when moving around in the menu



  • Sedan added - multiple color variations

  • Damage model for quadbike updated

  • Adjusted particle effects for the f100 truck

  • Vehicles will no longer leak fuel/oil when not running

  • Moved all exit locations a little further away to reduce chance of being killed when exiting



  • Adjusted the maximum pile size for some rounds

  • All types of ammo can now spawn in piles

  • Pickaxe changed to a secondary weapon - increased spawn rate

  • Flare gun now spawns with a pile of flares - flare rounds can stack

  • Scarves added (several variations)



  • Several variations of crafted headbands added

  • Added size of sandbags to description



  • When bandaging another player, they will now receive a message

  • Adjusted bleed particle effect location for players