I love Rust. As a primarily solo player I hate large populated servers where you can't get anything done. I got sick of playing on those servers and wanted to create something I like and that I think a lot of people would like. I really enjoy tinkering with loot tables and all the files of Rust. I find myself playing with the files more than playing the actual game, but that's what I enjoy. Creating something fun for everyone. Along the way I do giveaways for people who help out because I appreciate all the support when it sometimes feels like I am fighting a losing battle. Ultimately I'd really love to have a strictly giveaway server. $5.00 white listing for the month with prizes that range from RAM to GPU's. Anyways, thats a little about me and my goal here. Feel free to join me or any of my mates on discord or in the server. Feel free to comment in the forums as well.

Last Map Wipe: 11-01

Next Map Wipe: 12-06

Last BP Wipe: 11-01

Next BP Wipe: 12-06

Map Size: 3850  Map Type: Pro Gen

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