Jul 28, 2017

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I have been working on improving the forum on here. I encourage everyone to participate in discussions

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  • Muffin
    Nov 1, 2017

    The server will have a FULL wipe tomorrow @5pm EST. These are the change details ● Map Size Increase 4.0k -> 4.2k (This is the highest I'd wanna go for the population of the server. Its very large as it is) ● Arena will be constructed Saturday morning and should be complete by the evening (Please review arena location on map) ● Car Race track will be set up by Sat/Sun ● 3 Car Spawns will be created by Saturday afternoon ● No planned giveaways this month (We'll see who's really around for the server) ● New month, votes reset! Please vote daily for the server and to collect your supply signal every 5th vote! I plan on streaming thru this wipe cycle. I wont be streaming any base stuff but I plan on constructing buildings thru the map and possibly making a community spawn center that would be PVP free and have some basic quality of life stuff in there (stocked vending machines/hotel)
  • Muffin
    Sep 21, 2017

    Map size 3.6k -> 3.5k New map found HERE [] Server wipes @5pm EST $10 Steam Card Giveaway @9pm EST for RNR/RIP servers Mass airdrop following giveaway
  • Muffin
    Sep 7, 2017

    •Today the Rust In Peace server wipes. •We also are opening up a new Terminus server called "Rust-N-Relax". I will be working on its own page on the website over the next couple days. There is a steam group created if you want to join/check it out •For the month of Sept I am going back to doing giveaways for the Rust servers to grow the population. So for active players on wipe day you will be entered into a drawing which takes place @9pm EST on Twitch
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