Aug 1, 2017

A Thanks and Status


Well I got my monitor back last night from repair. She was very dearly missed. Tonight I'll get back into streaming a little. Im not going to get into the Rust server until this Thursday wipe, but I just wanted to say thank you to the ones who have been playing this wipe cycle. We have some new people and they have been sticking around after the initial wipe/giveaway so this week I have a special wheel spin for those 4 people.

I'm still looking for content creators that want to be apart of MDG. Not much would be required of you, just to put my intro video at the beginning of your videos and for us to work together on making content.

Other than that, I'll be back in the Rust server soon now that I can game. Spread the love on the server, it'll keep slowly growing. I'll do my part, you guys help out and do yours. Thanks again


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  • Muffin
    Nov 1, 2017

    The server will have a FULL wipe tomorrow @5pm EST. These are the change details ● Map Size Increase 4.0k -> 4.2k (This is the highest I'd wanna go for the population of the server. Its very large as it is) ● Arena will be constructed Saturday morning and should be complete by the evening (Please review arena location on map) ● Car Race track will be set up by Sat/Sun ● 3 Car Spawns will be created by Saturday afternoon ● No planned giveaways this month (We'll see who's really around for the server) ● New month, votes reset! Please vote daily for the server and to collect your supply signal every 5th vote! I plan on streaming thru this wipe cycle. I wont be streaming any base stuff but I plan on constructing buildings thru the map and possibly making a community spawn center that would be PVP free and have some basic quality of life stuff in there (stocked vending machines/hotel)
  • Muffin
    Sep 21, 2017

    Map size 3.6k -> 3.5k New map found HERE [] Server wipes @5pm EST $10 Steam Card Giveaway @9pm EST for RNR/RIP servers Mass airdrop following giveaway
  • Muffin
    Sep 7, 2017

    •Today the Rust In Peace server wipes. •We also are opening up a new Terminus server called "Rust-N-Relax". I will be working on its own page on the website over the next couple days. There is a steam group created if you want to join/check it out •For the month of Sept I am going back to doing giveaways for the Rust servers to grow the population. So for active players on wipe day you will be entered into a drawing which takes place @9pm EST on Twitch
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