Name: Ronnie

Age: 36 (July 9th)

Location: Metro Detroit

Profession: SAP/ERP Administrator

Details: Variety streamer. Mostly survival games although I'm open to pretty much anything. I love messing around and improving my stream and try to make it engaging for the viewer w/ a currency system, mini-games, & monthly rewards for those that support.

Why Stream/Goals: I have a great job that affords me the ability to improve my stream myself although gaming/streaming is something that makes me incredibly happy so PARTNERSHIP is a goal I'd like to obtain. I'd like to use the revenue from being a partner & give back even more to the community that supports me albeit more giveaways or gifts to long time subscribers. I WANT to give back more!

Schedule (EST):

Tuesday - 6pm

Thursday - 6pm

Saturday - 9am

All times and days are subject to change at a moments notice & will be notified via social media

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